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Confidential Property Register

We appreciate not all sellers wish for the publicity that is involved in offering your property for sale in the traditional manner, which is where our confidential register can offer the opportunity to achieve a confidential sale. This can be especially beneficial to those considering selling, but are not immediately ready to do so, as it allows us to specifically offer a house with greater exclusivity than those properties on the open market, which from our experience appeals to buyers and sellers alike.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! We believe there are several benefits to a confidential sale for some properties and clients. In particular, where a property doesn’t achieve the desired result through confidential marketing, having “kept our powder dry”, we will still be able to offer a traditional marketing campaign without having lost the initial “fresh” impact that a new property receives when advertised through the traditional channels.

In some instances, properties are best offered for sale, once the gardens have developed in the spring. This can leave a limited window for a marketing campaign, prior to the school holidays, when the market traditionally slows for the summer. A confidential marketing campaign is the best solution, allowing more time to secure a buyer!