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Top Selling Tips: How To Promote Your Home

1. Asking Price

Setting the asking price is an essential part of embarking on selling your property and in an age where prospective purchasers are increasingly price savvy and well researched on values of similar properties within the neighbourhood it is of upmost importance to get this right from the outset.

2. Presentation

Buyers are aspirational and the presentation of the house is the key to securing a purchaser. First impressions are essential, a tidy garden, an empty driveway where prospective purchasers can park allow for a smooth visit and stand your property ahead of the competition.

3. Clutter Free

Where possible, remove as many personal items and clutter in order for the property to be clearly seen which provides buyers the opportunity to consider how their own furniture and belongings could be arranged.

This will provide a stress free, tidy experience for the potential buyers.

4. Natural light

Natural light is an important factor for a future owner. Shrubs and trees depriving the property of light should be trimmed, blinds and curtains open to maximise daylight and good ventilation to remove any odour.

5. Viewings

As your agent we will of course be pleased to accompany viewings, which ideally would be undertaken in the owner’s absence, which allows the buyer to voice their genuine feelings on the property, rather than flattering in an effort to be polite. However, some vendors may choose to show the property, which can offer a better level of knowledge of the property and a good opportunity to highlight the benefits of the property and why it appealed to them when they bought.

6. Trust & Honesty

Agreeing the sale of your property and a smooth transaction can be helped when there is a level of trust between vendor and purchaser. Honesty goes a long way to building a mutual respect and a problem is best dealt with sooner rather than later.

7. Negotiation

It is rare, but on occasions buyers will look to negotiate direct with the owner. If this should happen, politely refer the buyer to your agent, as our expertise is what you are paying for to secure the best sale price and diligently approve their proposal and position to proceed.

8. Sale Boards

For sale boards are an excellent source of enquiries and continue to draw attention, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They are also act as an excellent way for potential buyers, who are not necessarily familiar with the location, to clearly identify your property, rather than arriving 20 minutes late and in a poor frame of mind because they got lost.

9. Multiple Agent’s

In today’s market, multiple agency listings are not our recommendation. On the basis we list properties on all of the main property portals, supported by advertising in the local, regional and national press, dual exposure through two or more agents sends out the wrong message to potential buyers, indicating that the property is proving difficult to sell.